I am a detail-oriented animator taught from a traditional background. Highly effective in adapting, collaborating, and communicating with a team. I have experience in hand-key animation and cinematic motion capture animation for video games. I have most recently worked on "The Last of Us: Part 2" and animating with motion capture. I have also created a 3D short film giving me knowledge as a director and manager of a team. I am able to problem solve and work under pressure. Technical savvy and open-mindedness allows me to quickly adapt to learning new software and techniques. Positive, optimistic, and understanding with a dedication to improving my craft.


           Maya                                         Shotgun

           MotionBuilder                         RV

           ToonBoom Harmony             After Effects

           Premiere Pro                           ToonBoom Storyboard Pro

           Photoshop                               Mudbox



          3D Animation                           Detail Oriented

          2D Animation                           Organization

          FACS Knowledge                      Communication

          3D Modeling                             Problem Solving

          Storyboarding                          Directing

          Anatomy                                   Production Management


ROUGE MOCAP,  Los Angeles, CA  |  Feb 2021 - May 2021

Cinematics Animator

  • Quickly adapted to Motion Builder.

  • Cleaned up cinematic quality mocap data clips and submitted them in a timely manner.

  • Worked with the team remotely.

SONY PLAYSTATION,  San Diego, CA  |  March 2019 - Feb 2020  |  The Last of Us: Part 2

Cinematics Animator

  • Worked on a AAA game to produce realistic cinematic animation for video games.

  • Worked with motion capture data.

  • Used Facial Action Coding System (FACS) to create anatomically correct facial animation.

  • Used the program Parrot in helping with face solves.

  • Quickly adapted to in-house tools to speed up workflow.

PRIMAL SCREEN, Atlanta, GA  | Sept 2017 - Jan 2018, June 2018 - Feb 2019  |  Elf on the Shelf

3D Character Animator

  • Created hand-key animation for characters on the Elf on the Shelf DVDs.

  • Learned how to work with Shotgun quickly integrating it into my workflow.

  • Received notes from supervisors and resubmitted changes in a timely manner.

  • Learned new workflows from others through collaboration.


PERSONAL SHORT FILM  |  Dec 2016 - July 2017  |  A Cat's Tale


  • Successfully completed a short film from concept to completion within a set deadline.

  • Responsible for all aspects of 3D film production.

  • Managed a team of 43 people from 6 different countries.

FREELANCE  |  Jan 2016 - July 2016

3D/2D Character Animator

  • Made a quadruped animation for a rigger to showcase the Cody dog rig.

  • Freelanced 2D animation for short films as seen below.

ADULT SWIM,  Atlanta, GA  |  Nov 2015  |  Sugar Boy Bumper

2D Character Animator

  • Closely collaborated in a team of four under fast deadlines to create a 30 second bumper.

  • Quickly made necessary changes based on client’s critiques.

  • I did storyboards, character/effects/text animation, cleanup, and colored animation frames.


A Cat's Tale  |  July 2017

Creator/ Director

CHOP  |  April 2016

2D Character Animator

Mononoke  |  June - July 2016

2D Character Animator

Super Love Story  |  May 2016

2D Character Animator

  • Animated characters/ creatures using fluid traditional 2D animation.

  • Cleaned up, inked, and colored frames using ToonBoom Harmony.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation  |  June 2013 - 2017

  • Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA

AnimSchool  |  April 2018 - June 2018

  • Body Mechanics Class


A Cat's Tale

  • 2018 Atlantamation |  Official Selection

  • 2018 SCAD Animation Fest |  Official Selection

  • 2018 SCAD Savannah Film Festival |  Official Selection

  • 2018 Feline Film Festival |  Official Selection

  • 2019 River Run International Film Festival |  Official Selection

  • 2019 Canine Film Festival |  Best Feline Film Winner

  • 2019 Canine Film Festival |  Nominated for Best Music

  • 2019 Canine Film Festival |  Nominated for Best Animation

  • 2019 Furry Film Festival Official Selection


  • 2017 Atlantamation  |  Best Character Performance

  • 2016 Atlantamation  |  Best in Show


Available upon request.

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